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Have you ever observed why the western or first-world countries are rapidly progressing in business? As an individual who belongs to the east, you might wonder how eastern people from different fields of business manage to settle abroad and create the life of their dreams. Despite the drastic differences in culture, lifestyle, and society.

Let’s discuss the factors that ensure the business growth and success of the eastern people in first-world countries.


The latest research by several groups and companies have revealed that the (West) United State of America is progressing in terms of business growth and economic development and meeting market demands rapidly. People are quitting jobs to attain financial freedom by stepping into the business industry. Many innovative startups from the west have caught the world’s attention by promoting the idea of “professional cuddling.”

The east, however, has failed to impressive progress and is still trapped in a plethora of agendas. From terrorism to water disputes to the battles for power, the countries in this region aren’t performing well. Iran, Pakistan, China, and India have the potential to work together for the bright future of the east. However, the development of business factors is questionable in comparison to the west.

Surprisingly, the people from the east perform well in the west. Professionals from the field of medicine, law, and engineering including entrepreneurs, seem not to have enough growth opportunities in their countries. The reason is the influence and administration of prehistoric values. This is because; the families are still living together. Not only do they live together but elders of the family actively take all the decisions for children or youngsters.

When it comes to marriage or career, the children are expected to fulfill the dreams of their parents. On the other hand, this concept is alien to the western world. They provide an open ground to the youngster and encourage them to develop skills. These skills help them survive in prismatic and declared conditions.


Another reason is the mature mindset of a 10-year-old Indian/Pakistani kid. A child from the east is perceived as a practical individual as compared to the kid of the USA. This fact is appreciated in the east as a mature child can cope with the expectations of the elders. But, a child’s dream and imagination are greatly ignored in this scenario.
Today, when we come across a reality, we don’t think that it is a product of someone’s imagination. A dream lets you take a risk at the cost of sacrificing what you have to achieve what you want. So a kid from the east creates a successful life in the west after conquering the hardships along his way.


The differences between first world Businesses and third world Businesses are huge. That is why the west is way ahead of the east. When a child is trained to overcome struggles, becoming successful become possible regardless of the country he lives in.

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