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“Wellness” and The Idea Of Facebook

“Wellness” and The Idea Of Facebook

Inevitably, a day seems incomplete without scrolling through your Facebook home page. Among all social media channels, Facebook is widely known across the globe. This multinational joint controls over 70% ad market of the world. The secret to generating mind-boggling revenue is the users that use the platform from different parts of the world. This uninterrupted connection wasn’t possible if the founder of Facebook doesn’t invest in highly competent management that consistently upgrades and updates the user experience. Also, this factor makes it one of the most successful business websites.

Adds Value

For ads posters, this social media platform has done wonders. It lets them post an ad and receive feedback on the newly introduced service or product. Apart from this, business owners ask for suggestions and ideas to come up with a unique product and top-notch service. This practice has been adding value to the online business sector. It showcases the requirement of the users and understands what they search for.

Previously, users used to spend time on other social mediums like Orkut. However, those social channels failed to meet users’ expectations. Thereby, to fulfill the needs of the users, It was launched. The sole purpose of it was to connect people. Facebook has been around us for over a decade now. Do you think it has been serving its purpose? You will understand it by observing how the user handles or reacts to the information available on it.

Downside Of Facebook

Just like the ever-increasing number of users on the site, hate speech has been elevated too. People seem to lack tolerance when it comes to dealing with other cultures and religious beliefs. Constant judgments are also a crucial issue that most individuals face on a personal level. Take note that judgments are a threat to your mental health. , is why cases of anxiety, stress, and depression have been increased rapidly. The famous online magazine also quoted studies that have connected spending excessive time on it with depression.

Information Wellness

With growing advancement in the world, it gets easier to react to emotional and social development in the markets. From a user in the U.S.A to a traveler in Austria, everyone owns a Facebook ID. This factor is excellent for the one who knows how to take advantage of this situationFor instance, a designer can make money out of ideas just by gathering people’s opinions using surveys conducted on this social media platform.

Considering this factor, Iran has put a restriction on social media usage. If the information flows from the west, it comes to the east advancing the users’ understanding. That is why nowadays, people on the other side of the world are more aware of the US election than US citizens. This process is known as information wellness but it is hurting the image of many countries.

The availability of this social media platform makes users an electronic ambassador of their country, which has good and bad sides.

Final Word

Hence, how Facebook serves in the user’s life is solely based on how users want to use it. You can make an ID and benefit other users with your knowledge. Or you can spread hate speech against other communities. Likewise, you can use this social media giant to promote your products and services to increase their visibility. Also, it can be used for an awareness purpose as it follows the strategy of sharing content. Eventually, a public service message can go viral to increase awareness of a subject matter of concern. Conclusively, it depends on you how you are using this platform, whether for entertainment, selling, or awareness creation.

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